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Jan Shapin has been writing plays and screenplays for over twenty years.  More recently she has turned her attention to fiction.  She has studied playwriting at Catholic University in Washington, DC, screenwriting at the Film and Television Workshop and University of Southern California, and fiction writing at a variety of locations including Brown University, Barnard's Writers on Writing seminar, Sewanee Writers' Conference and Bread Loaf Writers' Conference.  She has two grown children and lives in North Kingstown, RI with her husband, a photographer.   She can be reached via email at  jshapin.writer@gmail.com

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about Jan's novel "A Desire Path"

Latest Works

Coming Soon 

Unruly Red Hair, a new novel set in China and Moscow, 1927

  • Rayna Prohme, a red-haired American woman falls in love with  the Bolshevik commander of a failing Chinese revolution.  

  • He gives her the mission of escorting the widow of the revolution's leader, Mme. Sun Yat Sen, to Moscow.

  • There, Mme. Sun falls victim to Stalin's  push to consolidate power.

Can Rayna single-handedly force Joseph Stalin to back down? 

ALSO, a reprise of Ambassadors of God, a play about Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker movement

Ambassadors of God, a two character play, traces the experience of a young Dorothy Day, a recent Catholic convert, as she is approached by a homeless man, Peter Maurin, who directs her to embark on his three part plan to change the world. This undertaking matures over the course of the play into the Catholic Worker movement, one of the most profound and enigmatic social movements of the American 20th century. The play explores the nature of this unlikely partnership--is Peter Maurin's call the voice of God or is Dorothy Day responding to a projection based on her own terrible need? And what are the consequences to a child when a mother gives her all to God?

Ambassadors of God was first done as a staged reading supported through a RI Council for the Humanities Grant in 1999.           

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